Help & Advice If You Have Been Involved In a Road Traffic Accident

Below we have listed a few hints and tips in order to help you with your road traffic accident claim.  We have many years experience in the insurance industry dealing with car accidents and personal injury claims.

  • To help your insurer deal with the claim always try to take as much information as possible from the other party.  Name, telephone number and registration number etc
  • Write down the circumstances of the accident as soon as possible while they are still fresh in your mind – Its surprising how difficult it can be to recollect what happened even the day after.
  • Whenever speaking to anyone with regards to your road traffic accident and personal injury claim always make a note of names and times.

If you have been injured be sure to attend the hospital as you will need medical evidence to pursue your personal injury claim.

A road accident claim can also bring with it certain legal issues.  We are associated with one of the largest firm of legal advisors to help deal with the personal injury aspects of the road accident claim.
We hope these tips come in handy for helping you with your road traffic accident claim.  Although there are many firms out there to help you it can still be very confusing.

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