Whiplash Claims

Have you been injured as a result of a car accident?

It can be just as stressful to deal with an injury that came from a car accident as it is to deal with an accident itself.

Our team will listen to your story and give you an answer to whether your claim is valid or not. All you have to do is give us a call, if your claim is successful, we will then hand your claim over to one of our No Win No Fee solicitors who specialise in whiplash claims.

This solicitor will aid you on your journey into getting the compensation you deserve by discussing your experience and understanding the circumstances fully.

If you have any witnesses that were present at the time of the accident, then we will also take their details.

The quicker you decide to pick up the phone and get the claim underway, the quicker your claim can be handled.

What is the cause of whiplash?

Whiplash most commonly occurs via road traffic accidents. Sudden impacts, two or more vehicles colliding, both of these are factors of which can play a part in somebody getting whiplash. Your body may be held back by seatbelts, however your head is not. This is where the sudden jolt of the neck and head area occurs and causes whiplash.

The injury can be slight but can also be severe, there are a number of different aspects which can help determine how serious your injury is, for example the size of the vehicle that hit you, the speed that vehicle was travelling at.

However, high speed accidents are not the only cause of whiplash, another factor that plays an important part in this is the distance between the head rest and your head, the closer the head rest, the more chance of the jolt of the neck being prevented.

Motor vehicles are not the only cause of whiplash, having an unexpected impact to the cranium can also be a cause, as well as any contact sports.

No matter the cause. Our trained advisors can talk you through your claim and tell you if you are indeed entitled to any sort of compensation.

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Whiplash injuries

Whiplash can be very painful. Visiting your GP is the most vital step to take if you believe you are suffering from whiplash, they will be able to tell you the best steps to take to ease your symptoms.

Pain killing and inti-inflammatory medication are used to treat whiplash, but you should always consult your GP before taking any steps.

Medical records will be used as proof for your claim to show you where actually diagnosed with whiplash. You should ensure you feel 100% before you decide to return back to work, particularly if your job involves heavy lifting of any sort, as an early return to work can cause recovery time to multiply.

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The symptoms

Whiplash symptoms tend to vary depending on the person. However there are some common symptoms:

  • Headaches in conjunction with low fatigue and blurred vision
  • Aching which can resolve in difficulty moving the neck
  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Shoulder/arm pains which can also lead to upper and lower back pains
  • Dizziness

In more serious cases, memory loss can also be an effect of whiplash, along with depression, concentration issues and a ringing sensation in the ears. It is always recommended that you visit your GP if you believe you are suffering from any of the affects caused by whiplash.

Medical records are very important when making claims as the records will be used as evidence when making the claim.

Do not feel worried about going to your GP as whiplash is an easy injury to diagnose, X-rays or scans are used to find out how serious the injury is, whether the vertebrae is fractured or if it is just soft tissue damage.

Why should I claim for compensation?

Whiplash can be an expensive and time consuming injury to recover from. You may have to use up some of your annual leave at work, or in some cases, may be out of work as a result of the accident. You may need to use money to get physiotherapy, all of which can leave you out of pocket and lead onto other types of stress, both mentally and physically.

How much compensation can I get?

This all depends on how severe your injuries are and what affect it has had on your day-to-day life.

All clients are treated individually and every claim is dealt with in the same manor, case by case. The best way to find out what you are entitled to is to get in contact with us by filling out a form or giving us a call on 01633 838097.

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