Dealing with a road traffic accident claim can be a very stressful time.  We have spent many years working in the insurance industry and have seen many scenarios and claims.  As soon as the incident happens then your claim starts.  From this point on there can be many parties involved in the claim process.  Depending on the level of impact, there will be police, recovery companies, insurers, other drivers, courtesy car providers, garages, solicitors and anyone else that would feel the need to get involved.  This is where it can become very stressful and time consuming dealing with your accident claim.  What they sometimes forget is that they deal with these scenarios every day.  You as a customer don’t, but yet sometimes you are expected to know every aspect of the road traffic accident claim.
Then of course there is the issue of both parties holding each other responsible for the claim.  Both parties absolutely adamant that they are not at fault.  This again is where we have some sympathy for insurers.  The fact is they only deal with the road accident claim after the event has happened.  They can only make a decision based on the evidence in front of them.  This is why it is imperative to obtain contact details of any witnesses.

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